New piano scores for "Tong Poo" and "20220302 - sarabande" are now available!

Ryuichi Sakamoto's official score store, which opened 2021 in December, released two new piano scores for "Tong Poo" and "20220302 - sarabande" today! Please check it out.

"Tong Poo"

Recorded for YMO's first album, "Yellow Magic Orchestra", released in 1978. This song is very popular among long-time fans. A slow-tempo solo piano version was performed for the first time on "Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing the Piano 2022", a worldwide streaming concert in December 2022, and it received a great response. After the concert, we received many requests for the score, and in response to the fan's wishes, Sakamoto prepared it. Please enjoy the solo piano version of "Tong Poo" arranged by Sakamoto in his last moments.

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"20220302 - sarabande"

Included on Ryuichi Sakamoto's last solo album, "12", released January 17, 2023. "12" is an album of 12 pieces selected from his music sketches Sakamoto composed as if keeping a sound diary while battling illness.Each composition is titled with the date of production. Sarabande is a Spanish dance music incorporated into a suite from the Baroque period. Sakamoto added the title "sarabande" after the date of this piece only, describing, "I want you to imagine a slow and elegant dance in triple metre." This is the first appearance as a piano score.

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