New piano scores for "Energy Flow" and "Before Long" are now available!

Ryuichi Sakamoto's official score store, which opened last year in December, released two new piano scores for "Energy Flow" and "Before Long" today! Please check it out.

"Energy Flow"

A work composed for Sankyo Pharmaceutical's "Regain EB Tablets" TV commercial in 1999.

At the time, the EP single "Ura BTTB", which included "Energy Flow", was a big hit, embracing listeners in Japan with an unprecedented "healing" boom, along with a catchphrase "Music for All Weary People".

It was the first instrumental song to reach 1st place on the Oricon weekly single chart.

Although various publishers have sold many piano scores of this piece, this is the latest version of the "Energy Flow" piano score, which Sakamoto examined many times and refined for the store.

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"Before Long"

A song recorded and released as the first track on Sakamoto's 7th solo album "NEO GEO" (1987).

It is a popular composition among Sakamoto fans, often performed in piano solo and trio concerts in recent years.

The piece was used in the French automobile manufacturer PEUGEOT's commercial since January 2021, attracting attention again.

It is the latest version of the original piano score that Sakamoto has elaborated on.

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